My approach to photography is simple: create a memorable experience that is light and fun. I want to make you as comfortable as possible so that when you look back on these photos they feel true to you.

My role is
more than a photographer's being a storyteller

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My Philosophy

Life looks so different in a lens than it does when it's just right in front of you

There are a million little things in one moment you will never notice unless that moment is photographed and looked at later.


My business stands on integrity and authenticity

I believe in telling a story of your wedding day and not just capturing images. I love capturing candid moments and those quick glances and tear wipes that nobody else would catch or see.


my job allows me to make others happy

It's amazing to me to follow a family from day one at their wedding and continue taking family photos. I am a part of their history and I get to help them remember all their amazing memories.




portland oregon photographer, wife, mom chapstick lover, and perpetual craft maker

I love capturing the small details and raw emotion during any shoot. Meeting new people and sharing in their life's memories is something I treasure wholeheartedly and I truly enjoy being able to capture a moment in people's lives that will carry on for generations. I like to think of myself as the Jim to my client's Pam (any Office people?!)   Their relationship is made from being best friends who laugh together, enjoy each other's company, and support each other through the ups and downs. I like to think of my clients as my friends. It's very surreal and special to have the trust and faith from them to capture those precious moments.

"There is something about human connection and the bonds you feel when photographing such special and intimate moments."

She is fantastic at helping people feel comfortable and look natural on camera.

Kirsten has done our family photos for years! I'm always amazed at the variety of group shots as well as the individual photos of family members. Kirsten is creative and has an amazing eye for detail.  She works well with children and adults. You can put trust and have faith in Kirsten, she will capture your family memories for a life time and you will not be disappointed!

mindy, 2022

  • A year after I got married my husband bought me my first "big girl" camera and I took photos of anything and everything, but mainly my cats.

  • I took a film photo class in high school and I was obsessed.

  •  I am the second oldest of 6 kids.

  •  I love making sourdough bread products!

  • If I wasn't a photographer, I'd probably be a baker or florist.

  • Life is short and I love being able to capture images that will be shared for hundreds of years to come. 


It all started with really it did!

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